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All parents want schools to equip their child for a fulfilling and prosperous future. The growing influence of China, India and many other Asian nations, both globally and in Australia, is a major change in the world that impacts on the future of all young Australians. 

China and India will be the top global economies by the time 5-year-olds who start school in Australia this year enter the workforce. Australia's engagement with Asia in trade, investment, immigration, tourism and education is growing at a much faster rate than our engagement with the rest of the world combined.   

Young people who are familiar with Asia and speak Asian languages will be equipped with a competitive edge in today's world and contribute to building a prosperous and cohesive Australia.

Parents play a vital role in supporting students to learn an Asian language and to gain knowledge and understanding of Asia through History, Geography, The Arts and English from Foundation to Year 12.

AEF provides parents with:

  • information about Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia – with a focus on future workforce needs
  • illustrations of leading schools working to ensure their students are Asia capable
  • information on the Australian Curriculum's cross-curriculum priority of Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia and general capability of Intercultural understanding. 


Images: AEF; Asialink

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