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Kate Stevenson Masters Program Candidate University of Tokyo

Countries of expertise Japan, Nepal, South Korea

Work sector Education & training, Government

Asian languages spoken Japanese, Korean

Location Japan

Other Available to travel up to 200 kilometres
Available for Available for virtual interactions via Skype or other electronic means, Having students visit you in your workplace


Kate's 'Asian experience' started with Japanese language classes at a Brisbane primary school. It wasn't manga or anime that attracted her, it was the language itself - and the fascination hasn't waned since then. Kate has studied in Japan and Korea and volunteered in Nepal. She graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Asian and International Studies and completed her Honours year at the Australian National University in the BA Asia-Pacific Studies program in 2013. Kate has undertaken internships at the Australian Embassy in Japan and the Nagoya office of Japanese Diet member, Motohisa Furukawa. In 2014, Kate was awarded a Monbukagakusho Scholarship and is currently at the University of Tokyo to enter their Master of Human Security Program.

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