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Gareth Cottam


Gareth Cottam Forensic Accountant, Lloyd Warwick International

Countries of expertise Japan, Taiwan

Work sector Insurance

Asian languages spoken Chinese - Mandarin, Japanese

Location Perth, Australia

Other Available to travel up to 50 kilometres
Available for Virtual interactions via Skype or other electronic means, Visiting schools to speak with staff/parents, Visiting schools to speak with students


Gareth's first exposure to Asia was on a family holiday to Malaysia when he was in primary school. Since then, he has continued to engage with Asia through travel, study and work. After graduating from university, Gareth took part in the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) offered by the Japanese government and worked as an English language teacher in Japanese schools. Living in Japan was an incredible experience and helped him develop his Japanese language skills. It also provided a great launching place to travel around Asia and Gareth was able to visit some of the surrounding countries, such as Korea, Thailand, China and Hong Kong. He then decided to do some further study and went to Taiwan to complete a Master of Business Administration. Having studied Japanese, he was able to learn the basics of Chinese fairly quickly. Again, living in Taiwan led him to continue to travel around Asia, visiting the Philippines and Singapore. Gareth still find all sorts of opportunities to practice his languages and look forward to sharing his Asia stories with students.

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