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Hasanga Hendehewa


Hasanga Hendehewa Enterprise Sales Australia & NZ Open Cloud Infrastructure

Countries of expertise India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore

Work sector Information technology & communications

Asian languages spoken Sinhalese

Location Melbourne, Australia

Other Available for Available for virtual interactions via Skype or other electronic means, Having students visit you in your workplace, Visiting schools to speak with students


Hasanga Hendehewa is a seasoned sales professional in IT & Telecommunications with over a decade of experience working in multinational firms including Cisco Systems and Ericsson. Having graduated from Monash University in Melbourne with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Hasanga spent the early years of his career as a professional services engineer working in the Asia Pacific countries including Australia, Hong, Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore. Having completed a Master of Business Administration degree at the Melbourne Business School, Hasanga transitioned into a sales function managing clients across Service Provider, Enterprise and Public Sector segments in Australia & New Zealand.

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