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South Korea


Access a range of learning sequences across different learning areas/subjects to support a curriculum to build Asia capability.

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  • Years 7–8: Stories that change lives...more »
  • Hahoe_Pyolsin-kut
  • Years 7–8: Hahoe Pyolsin-kut mask drama...more »
  • Red Japanese silk tie embroidered with gold stitching
  • Years 7–10: A journey through Asian arts...more »
  • Adam Liaw, Chef and lawyer
  • Years 9–11: Asia skills in action...more »
  • Farmer looks out over his mountains and crops
  • Year 9: South Korea – creating a sustainable giant...more »
  • Life Expectancy Graph of Asian countries
  • Year 10: Population mathematics...more »
  • Korea-site
  • Access Asia–Korea is designed to enhance the publications Exploring Korea and Inside King Sejong's Gate...more »
  • Go Korea_370x247
  • Explore the Go Korea! website for a number of learning sequences across all learning areas...more »

AEF acknowledges that some elements in the websites above do not comply with conformance level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2.0. The elements have been included because of the significant value they offer to members of the education community. Some features may not be accessed via mobile devices.

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