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Learning area: Economics and Business
Year level: Year 7
Country: China, Japan
General capability:

This learning sequence investigates Australia's connections to countries of the Asia region in terms of Australia's wheat exports.


  1. Watch Let's Make Japanese Teuchi Udon (below)

    • Identify the main ingredient.
    • Predict where you think it comes from.
  2. Read The new dining boom paragraph from the Australian trade beats aid in boosting global food security - The new dining boom article. Analyse the slogan "dining boom not mining boom"
  3. Read Australian wheat fuels Japan noodle boom
    • Describe how Australia is meeting the demand for wheat that is suitable for Japanese udon noodles.
    • Explain what can affect the supply of, and Asian demand for, Australia's wheat.


    Close up of wheatWheat is a major Australian export

  1. Read Australian trade beats aid in boosting global food security – Finding our niche.
  2. Show on a map where most of Australia's wheat is exported to.
  3. Predict what other potential food markets and demand areas there are in the Asian region that Australia could expand into for the future? (eg Chinese ramen noodles).


Reflect on the statement from the Australian wheat fuels Japan noodle boom article: 'It is a long way from the wheat fields of Australia, but it is a link that will tie the two countries together for many years to come'.

  • What do you think this quote means?
  • Explain the nature of this link between Australia and Japan.

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