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  • Transformative learning through extracurricular activities

    by User Not Found | Jul 31, 2019
    As Australia’s engagement with Asia and the world continues to grow, more and more global opportunities will arise for our young people. AEF Education Consultant, Dr Genevieve Hall, explores the importance for young Australians to build the rich fabric of social cohesion locally and globally through immersive extracurricular activities.
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  • Making S P A C E

    by User Not Found | Jun 28, 2019
    Executive Director, Hamish Curry, was recently extended an invitation to head into S P A C E. Convened by Cj Holden, Holly Ransom, and Adam Ferrier, the simple construct of this two-day intensive was to bring together ‘unlikely people and unexpected conversations’. Read Mr Curry's reflections.
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  • Shifting the way we think about our world

    by User Not Found | May 30, 2019
    Director, Kathe Kirby shares her comments on the new Australian Government PNGAus Connect initiative. A unique opportunity for Australian secondary schools to partner high performing Papua New Guinean secondary schools throughout 2019-2020. 'This initiative will strengthen relationships between Papua New Guinean and Australian secondary schools to build twenty-first-century capabilities and deepen people-to-people links' said Ms Kirby.
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  • Education for humans in an AI world

    Education for humans in an AI world
    by User Not Found | Apr 03, 2019
    As technology increasingly shapes our world, education needs to incorporate global competence with a focus on human interactions and intercultural understanding.
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  • Linking the world to world-class education

    by User Not Found | Dec 17, 2018
    Every school, at the core of its ambition as a learning community strives to be outstanding. No other phrase reflects this aspiration more than schools pursuing a ‘world-class education'. Executive Director, Hamish Curry reviews the work of the Asia Education Foundation in 2018 and its new strategic direction.
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  • Creating Ripples of Learning in China

    Creating Ripples
    by User Not Found | May 31, 2018
    While Australia wrestles with committing to recommendations in the Gonski report on education, China is embracing student-driven learning, improving rural education and bridging the tech-divide.
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  • I saw the future

    by User Not Found | Apr 30, 2018
    Director, Kathe Kirby shares her comments on the new Gonski 2.0 report which identifies the priority for Australian schools to equip every child to be a creative, connected and engaged learner in a fast changing world.
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  • Untapped: Youth voices for change

    JB Blog Image 142x142
    by User Not Found | Apr 17, 2018
    Over the course of the day, a cohort of 70 students from schools across Australia wrestled with their roles as delegates representing one of the 11 ASEAN nations to discuss and debate from their respective country positions on trade, climate change, and refugees.
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  • A learning culture that fits our place in the world

    Tile Image
    by User Not Found | Feb 28, 2018
    Australia sits amongst one of the most diverse, culturally-rich and aspiring regions in the world. Our Asia region has been incredibly successful in fields like technology, medicine, entrepreneurship and education to name a few. This kind of growth makes it our collective responsibility to equip 'young Australians to be ready for the world’- a goal that drives the work of the Asia Education Foundation (AEF) says AEF Executive Director, Hamish Curry.
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  • Asian-language skills are a hot commodity in today’s job market

    Asia Language Blog TM
    by User Not Found | Jan 30, 2018
    AEF Executive Director, Tim Mayfield, brings to light the importance for us to encourage Australian students to learn a second language in the primary and senior secondary years to remain competitive on the global employment stage. 
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