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Access a range of learning sequences across different learning areas/subjects to support a curriculum to build Asia capability.

  •  Kompong Khleang, Cambodia
  • Year 5: Life in a floating village...more »
  • Farmer looks out over his mountains and crops
  • Years 5–6: Sustainable farming in South and South–East Asia...more »
  • Australian of the Year Walk in Canberra
  • Year 6: Outstanding (Asian) Australians...more »
  • People travel down the Mekong River on wooden boats
  • Year 7: Why dam the Mekong River...more »
  • Close-up of a bas-relief of an Angkor dancer wearing an ornate headdress and jewellery
  • Years 7–8: Angkor Wat bas-relief carvings...more »

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