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Key History concepts


Feudal Japan

The Shogun: Tokugawa IeyasuThe Shogun: Tokugawa Ieyasu

Focus: Year 8 Feudal Japan

Topic: Decline of Feudal Japan

Relevance: There are different theories about the downfall of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the decline of feudalism in Japan. Using a range of primary and secondary sources students examine and evaluate the internal and external factors leading to the Meiji Restoration and the end of the feudal system in Japan.

Going Further: Students consider the reliability of primary and secondary sources and rank sources using a diamond nine template. 

World War II

Focus: Year 10 World War II 

Topic: Was there a Battle for Australia? 

Relevance: Following a campaign by the RSL and the Battle for Australia Commemoration National Council, ’Battle for Australia Day’ – was proclaimed by the Governor General in 2008, commemorating all who served and died in the defence of Australia in 1942 and 1943. Students analyse and evaluate a range of primary and secondary sources (from Japanese and Australian perspectives) in order to critically respond to the question “was there a Battle for Australia?” 

Going further: Students debate the issue of historical consciousness, contestability and the public construction of ‘the past’ as it relates to the issue of commemoration.

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