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Feudal Japan

The Many Faces of Danjuro IX - An exhibition of original Kabuki print Feb 6, 2013 - Apr 30, 2014 Co-presented by Stuart Jackson Gallery and The Japan Foundation - 47The Many Faces of Danjuro IX

Focus: Year 8 Feudal Japan

Topic: The role of the Kabuki-mono in challenging Samurai culture (c. C17th-C18th CE)

Relevance: Students investigate the nature, purpose and experiences of the Kabuki-mono and their impact on Feudal Japan,  through an examination of Kabuki-mono fashion. 

Going further: Students debate the role of Kubuki-mono in Feudal Japanese society - were they honourable outlaws?

World War II

Candy of the FirefliesCandy of the Fireflies

Focus: Year 10 Depth Study: World War II (1939-45)

Topic: Japan in WWII

Relevance: Japanese cartoon animation, known as Anime, enjoys considerable popularity in Australia. The distinctive illustration style includes the exaggeratedly large eyes of its characters and the often stunning and detailed renderings of natural landscapes and cities. Stories about the Japanese experience in WWII have been made in the art form, including the confronting film “Grave of the Fireflies”. Students are offered another way to approach the suffering of WWII and empathise with the Japanese side of things, which may otherwise seem remote and difficult to understand. 

Going further: Students investigate what anime tells us about Japan’s attempts to come to terms with its militaristic past.

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