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Cultural institutions

Australian cultural institutions, including museums, galleries, libraries and archives, can provide rich opportunities for students to explore Asia in History. Many worthwhile institutions can be found in regional areas and capital cities. Even geographically remote institutions can be visited by students virtually. 

 Entrance of old cream building Modern building surrounded by grass  A row of books about Asia  Brown archive boxes
Museums Galleries Libraries Archives

Australian museums incorporate exhibits related to Asia, some have a focus in the area. 

Local historical museums are also a good source.

Australian Museum Teaching Resources is a collection of resources from Australian museums that have Asian exhibits. 

Australian art galleries have extensive Asian collections which can be visited or accessed online to enhance studies of Asian societies.

National and state libraries have extensive Asia-focused collections. 

National and state archives hold government records, many of which are digitised. 

It is recommended that teachers preview websites to ensure they are suitable for their students prior to use in class. Content accessed via these links is not owned or controlled by AEF.


Images: Old Customs House Melbourne – public domain; National Gallery of Australia by Nick-D (CC-BY-SA 3.0); Books by AEF; Fondos archivo by Archivo ESP (CC-BY-SA 3.0) 

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