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Intercultural understanding across the curriculum

Although Intercultural understanding focuses primarily on the development of skills, behaviours and dispositions, it also draws on students’ growing knowledge, understanding and critical awareness of their own and others’ cultural perspectives and practices derived from learning area content.

Intercultural understanding is more apparent in some learning areas than others, being most evident in those aspects of learning concerned with people and their societies, relationships and interactions, and in conjunction with the cross-curriculum priorities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia, and Sustainability.

Intercultural understanding is addressed through the learning areas and is identified wherever it is developed or applied in content descriptions. It is also identified where it offers opportunities to add depth and richness to student learning in content elaborations.

From The Australian Curriculum – Intercultural understanding across the curriculum


Background to Intercultural understanding in the Australian Curriculum
This background summarises the evidence base from which the Intercultural understanding capability’s introduction, organising elements and learning continuum have been developed.

Explore examples of how intercultural understanding can be addressed in subject/learning areas.


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