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Learning by Design

Learning by Design is useful for enabling transformative intercultural learnings. It supports an inclusive approach to learner diversity, including cultural diversity, enabling teachers to teach in a manner that is responsive to the cultural backgrounds, needs and expectations of learners. 

The cultural and linguistic capital of students should be seen as an asset for intercultural learning. Optimising this capital can promote cross-cultural learning that is not just transformative, but also authentic.

For a general introduction go to Learning by Design (Kalantzis and Cope). 

The two aspects of Learning by Design explored here are particularly relevant to intercultural learning:

  1. Pedagogy
  2. Learner diversity


Background to Intercultural understanding in the Australian Curriculum
This background summarises the evidence base from which the Intercultural understanding capability’s introduction, organising elements and learning continuum have been developed.

Illustration of practice

The videos featured on the New Learning website introduce the learning by design pedagogy, which focuses on Experiencing, Conceptualising, Analysing and Applying.

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