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Select from the playlist of five videos, Australians talking about Asia skills they need to work with and in China. Access our Asia skills in action curriculum resource to find learning activities using these videos.

Real Australians, real experiences

Australian farmers prosper

Gaethan Cutri believes there are endless opportunities in Asia for the Australian agricultural sector.

Adventures at the Guangzhou Fabric Market

Fashion designer, Nicole Fraser, says the key to developing a thriving business with China is focusing on what you have in common.

Taking the AFL to China

China business consultant, Tom Parker, reflects on the role of sport in strengthening Asia-Australia engagement.

Showcasing Victoria to the Asia region

Sarah Heseltine enjoys a diverse role managing the Victorian Government’s participation in the Shanghai World Expo Australia Pavilion.

Made in China

Brett Farrelly has combined Australian design skills and Chinese manufacturing know-how to build a successful business.


myfuture: Asia Skills was funded by the Australian Government under the National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP) through Round One of the Strategic Collaboration and Partnership Fund.

These videos have been developed in partnership with Australian Industry Group (AiG) and Education Services Australia (ESA).

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