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What is an Asia capable school?

EXPLORE the indicators of an Asia capable school.

FACILITATE a discussion to determine which Asia capable indicators are being demonstrated and where new opportunities exist across the school.

REFLECT on the outcomes of the Asia capable school.

Asia Capable School

What are the features of an Asia capable school? 

Schools across Australia are implementing innovative programmes that support the achievement of Asia capability for every young Australian.

An 'Asia capable' school ensures that all students have the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of Asian societies, cultures, languages and environments, and the connections between the peoples of Asia, Australia and the rest of the world.

Icon of school surrounded by other icons pertaining to what makes an Asia capable schoolAsia capable school infographic

  • Explore the indicators of an Asia capable school as defined in the infographic.
  • Determine which indicators are demonstrated in your school and where opportunities exist. 

Learn what Australian schools are doing to achieve Asia capability. Explore the series of case studies below, drawn from the Leading 21st Century School: Engage with Asia Program that illustrate how schools are Asia capable.

Illustrations of practice


Video showing elements of Asia capable schools and the wider school community.  


As you watch this video consider:

  • How do these schools develop Asia capability through teaching, leadership and curriculum? 

Video about developing Asia capabilities through working in or with Asia. 


As you watch this video consider:

  • Which Asia capabilities are required to work effectively in the Asian region?

What do Asia capable schools look like?

This Discussion Deck (PDF: 1MB) supports leaders to facilitate a staff discussion on Asia capability. The Deck has six cards, each containing questions related to the indicators of an Asia capable school.  Use this to stimulate discussion as part of a staff meeting or curriculum leaders meeting.

Download this Indicators of an Asia capable school template (PDF: 268 KB) to identify and reflect on the Asia capable outcomes of these schools.



Images: AEF
Videos: AEF

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