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What opportunities are there to include Asia in the curriculum?

The Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia priority can be addressed across all learning areas/subjects. Curriculum sample maps identify Asia-focused content descriptions and elaborations for each learning area/subject and resources can support learning across the curriculum. 

Access sample maps that highlight the opportunities to teach about Asia across different learning/subject areas. Provide time at a staff meeting/curriculum team meetings for staff to consider:

  • What opportunities exist to teach about Asia?
  • What Asia content is currently taught in the curriculum?

Use this template to conduct a curriculum review (PDF: 244 KB) to identify current Asia content and what new opportunities exist.

Illustration of practice

staffs at Torquay Primary School demonstrate how they have developed an Asia-inclusive curriculum

Video of an integrated Year 5/6 unit of inquiry at Torquay Primary School that develops Asia capability. 


As you watch this video consider:

  • How has Adrian created seamless integration of the Asia priority across Years 5/6 Economics, Civics and Citizenship, English and Maths?

What teaching and learning resources are available?

Curated digital resource lists and learning sequences for all learning areas are available below to support implementation of a curriculum for Asia capability.

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