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What is an Asia capable teacher?

EXPLORE the features of an Asia capable teacher.

WATCH and IDENTIFY the actions of Asia capable teachers in classrooms.

CONSIDER what enables teachers to be Asia capable.

REFLECT on how to lead Asia capability in your school community and plan first steps towards transformation.


What are the features of an Asia capable teacher?

An Asia capable teacher is able to integrate and apply content knowledge of Asia, engage in professional learning and create learning environments in which Asia capability is valued.

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers identifies professional knowledge of content and teaching strategies for student engagement as essential for effective teaching.

Asia literate teachers know the curriculum content in relation to the study of Asia and are skilled in teaching about Asia. They understand how to assess and report on student learning about Asia. Asia literate teachers are familiar with and make use of a wide range of Asia related resources in their teaching. They do not restrict their teaching about Asia to specific units of work but frequently, purposefully and seamlessly integrate Asia into their everyday teaching and across learning areas. 

They use ICTs and help to connect their own students with students in Asia. These teachers are effective in developing intercultural understanding among students. They also build connections with parents and the community. They lead and support colleagues within their own school and beyond and play a role promoting teaching and learning about Asia through their professional associations.

From AITSL: Asia Literacy and the Australian Teaching Workforce Report

Icon of teacher surrounded by other icons pertaining to what makes an Asia literate teacherAsia capable teacher infographic

  • Explore the features of an Asia capable teacher in the infographic above. 
  • Consider the actions a teacher can take to lead Asia capability.

Illustrations of practice

Video of Kate Huon, McKinnon PS, teaching a Year 3 class about inventions and discoveries in China.

Video of Jane McGennisken, St Mary's College, discussing her Asia-focused English class.


As you watch this video consider:

  • What features of an Asia capable teacher are being demonstrated?
  • Which features of an Asia capable teacher do you possess?
  • What features of an Asia capable teacher may you need to develop?


Images: AEF
Videos: AEF

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