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How do teachers use ICT to support a curriculum for Asia capability?

INVESTIGATE ICT capability in the Australian curriculum.

CONSIDER resources to support the integration of ICT.

EXPLORE frameworks for ICT integration in curriculum planning.

REVIEW the use of ICT within teaching and learning programmes.

Using ICT 2

Information and communication technology - ICT

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enables Asia capable teachers to select and use ICT with effective teaching strategies to expand learning opportunities and content knowledge for all students, connecting students with peers in Asia and utilizing a range of resources that connect the classroom to Asia.

Adapted from AITSL: Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

ICT elements

The Asia Literacy and Teacher Workforce Report showed how the development of Asia capabilities in Australian schools today is essentially intertwined with the use of ICT. The report also argued that a key feature of Asia capable teachers is their use of ICT in the studies of Asia and Asian languages classroom.

From AITSL: Asia Literacy and the Australian Teaching Workforce Report

The ICT capability of the Australian Curriculum is organised around the five interrelated elements of:

Organising elements of ICT capability

From the Australian Curriculum: ICT Organising Elements

The table below features examples of Asia-focused activities aligned to the ICT capability.
ICT organising elements Asia-focused activities
Investigate Asia
Communicate with Asia
Create with Asia  
Managing and operating ICTs for Asia  
Social and ethical protocols and practices  


Images: ICT icon – AEF; ICT capability – adapted from ACARA

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