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Leading Asia capability

What are the enablers of Asia capability?

The Asia Literacy and the Australian Teaching Workforce report identifies five enablers that support teachers to develop Asia capability and to implement high quality teaching and learning programmes focused on Asia:

  • experience Asia first hand from work, study, travel, or family connections
  • access substantial, ongoing tertiary study and/or professional learning
  • be involved in school-to-school connections to the countries of Asia
  • gain support from school and school system
  • school teaches an Asian language. 


  • Which of these enabling factors have supported you to develop Asia literacy?
  • What actions can you take to further build Asia capabilities?

Leading Asia capability in classrooms

Explore what Australian teachers are doing to lead Asia capability in the school classroom and school communities.

Download the Asia capable teacher questionnaire (PDF: 158 KB) and complete to find out:

  • Are you already demonstrating Asia capability?
  • Which enabling factors can support you to develop Asia capability? 

Primary school videos


Overseas study programmes to Asia

School Curriculum Intercultural understanding ICT Languages School partnerships
Overseas Study Program to Asia Report – Teacher Capacity Five different coloured people in a circle around a central person figure   Map of Asia and Australia surrounded by four people in digital screens
Overseas Study Program to Asia Report – Teaching and learning Jigsaw puzzle using different coloured pieces with curriculum icons inside them Five different coloured people in a circle around a central person figure Languages



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