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The Australian Curriculum: English enables students to explore and appreciate the diverse range of traditional and contemporary texts from and about the peoples and countries of Asia, including texts written by Australians of Asian heritage. 

View AEF’s comprehensive list of literary texts for use across year levels featuring Asia and Asian themes including picture books, novels, non-fiction texts, films and short stories.

Asian–Australian Children’s Literature and Publishing (AACLAP) compiles examples of Australian children's literature either set in Asia, with Asian–Australian content or featuring characters that represent Asian–Australian cultures and experiences. To access AACLAP, contact your school librarian, as most secondary school libraries subscribe to Auslit.

Recommended links

  • Asialink Past Writing Residencies – reflections and experiences of Australian writers from their overseas study programmes
  • Diigo – texts by Asian authors, authors of Asian backgrounds and texts about Asia suggested by practising teachers
  • Screen Asia – video clips and related teaching resources
  • Screen education study guides – free ATOM study guides related to major movie productions

Illustration of practice

Video of Michelle Morthorpe, president of the ACT Association for the Teaching of English, talking about Asia in literature while implementing the Asia priority.
  • Consider Michelle's views about Asia in literature: '... there's so much information out there that teachers need to build an interest and build a joy in selecting Asia-rich resources.'
  • Reflect on opportunities to use Asia-related texts in your teaching and learning. 

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