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Including Asia in English professional learning modules

Build teachers' and students' Asia capability through these professional learning modules and units of work, which contain extensive Asia content and references.

  • Topic_4_image_1
  • Years 7–8: Stories that change lives
  • This module explores storytelling, an ancient art in which people from China, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia share stories across cultures and throughout time. Teachers learn about teaching the Asia cross-curriculum priority through folk tales, sijo, anime and cosplay...more »
  • the-red-piano-illustration-by-barroux cropped2
  • Years 9–10: Understanding China
  • This module examines a diverse range of traditional and contemporary texts from and about the peoples and countries of Asia, including texts written by Australians of Asian heritage. Emphasis is on the unique cultural and ethnic backgrounds of Chinese people...more »


Images: Plum Blossoms – Topic 4; Illustration by Barroux, from The Red Piano by Andre LeBlanc. Courtesy of Wilkins Farago Publishers – Part 1

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