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Fashion, art and culture

Read the activity overview below and download links to the full texts on the right. Indonesia has been used as an example but this can adapted to your country of interest.

Title Fashion, art and culture
Summary / overview Fashion, art and culture invariably influence each other. But what drives fashion and art? Increasing interest in batik reflects both cultural and functional considerations - including school uniforms! In this project, students will examine fashion, fashion design, traditional art and crafts and begin to understand how different cultures influence fashion and art. Students share, compare and work collaboratively to research and create their own fashion designs.
Theme(s) Fashion, craft and fine art
  1. Students will identify, share and compare fashion trends in each other’s countries.
  2. Students will build an understanding of the cultural impact on fashion and how tradition and art and craft influences fashion in each country.
  3. Students will work collaboratively in small teams to create designs of garments or fabrics and develop an understanding of the design process
  4. Students will develop an understanding of appropriate writing styles and context.
Organisational details
Languages English / Bahasa Indonesia
Subject Area(s) Art & Culture, Studies of Society and the Environment (History and Geography), English (Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening).
This is appropriate for students between the ages of 12 and 17.
Duration 8 weeks


Download PDF and Word worksheets using the links below:

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