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My place, your place

Read the activity overview below and download links to the full texts on the right. Indonesia has been used as an example but this can adapted to your country of interest.

Title My place, your place
Summary / overview In this collaboration activity, partner school students share the physical and emotional experience of ‘their place’ (school or neighbourhood) and compare this with their partner’s place. This is a useful project to follow the Getting Started activity.
Theme(s) Culture / everyday life / school
Objective(s) Through this collaboration activity, partner schools and students will:
  1. Work together to decide how to effectively share the experience of ‘our place’ with their partner school.
  2. se appropriate speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to communicate effectively across cultures, showing cultural sensitivity in their exchanges
  3. Further develop their understanding of the similarities and differences in everyday life in Indonesia and Australia
Organisational details
Languages English / Bahasa Indonesia
Subject Area(s) English (Writing, Speaking, Reading); Languages (English, Bahasa Indonesia); Studies of Society and the Environment (History and Geography)
Duration 8 weeks


Download PDF and Word worksheets using the links below:

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