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Getting started

Read the activities overview below and download links to the full texts on the right. Indonesia has been used as an example but these can adapted to your country of interest.

Title Getting started
Summary / overview This is the first collaboration activity every school in the BRIDGE Project should undertake. It involves setting the project up at school and then embarking on the first round of activities with your partner school.
Theme(s) Establishing your relationship with your partner school.
Objective(s) Through the Getting Started activities partner schools will:
  1. establish the ground rules for acceptable behaviour and safe and ethical use of technology with their students and inform colleagues within your school about the project
  2. build on prior knowledge and introduce students to their partner school and
  3. begin collaborating and sharing information about each other.
Organisational details
Languages English / Bahasa Indonesia
Subject Area(s) English (Reading and Writing), Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Studies of Society and the Environment (History and Geography), Arts
Duration 7–8 weeks


Download PDF and Word worksheets and activities using the links below:

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