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Foreign Minister visits to SM Sains Selangor

Australian Foreign Minister, The Hon Julie Bishop MP, has just participated in a video conference linking students from Christmas Island District High School in Western Australia with SM Sains Selangor High School in Kuala Lumpur as part of the AEF’s  Australia-Malaysia BRIDGE program. With Ms Bishop on site with Selangor students in Kuala Lumpur, students from both schools used the video hook –up to enthusiastically share experiences of their online curriculum collaborations.

Bishop said 'the BRIDGE program is connecting our students, our teachers, our schools, our communities, our nations in such a positive way… It is an opportunity for Australian and Malaysian teachers to learn more about each other’s education systems, the way we do things, exchange ideas, perspectives and insights. It’s an opportunity for students to connect with a school in Australia to form connections and networks, and hopefully will be transformative. It will change your life.'

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