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What resources support teaching about Asia?

Resource lists

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View curated digital resources that gather together Asia-related web links relevant to year-level content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts

Learning sequences

Access a range of Arts learning sequences for use in the classroom.

  • puppets_thumb_stim1
  • Years 3–4: Bunraku Puppetry ...more »
  • star wars featured
  • Years 3–4: Malaysian shadow puppets ...more »
  • A wayang puppeteer performing
  • Years 3–4: Wayang puppet plays ...more »
  • two angklung instruments
  • Years 5–6: Angklung music ...more »
  • Japanese_Teenagers_act1
  • Years 5–6: Youth culture and the media ...more »
  • Hahoe_Pyolsin-kut
  • Years 7–8: Hahoe Pyolsin-kut mask drama ...more »
  • angkorwat_stim1frontpage
  • Years 7–8: Images of Angkor Wat...more »
  • Alison Carole explores a museum
  • Years 7-10: A journey through Asian art ...more »
  • act2_thumb_master_2
  • Years 9–10: Kosuke Ikeda and Alicia King ...more »
  • ale_poster_main_strip__title_thumbnail
  • Years 9–10: A Life Exposed, Robyn Beeche ...more »
  • aiweiwei_thumb
  • Years 9–10: New media art cultural crossovers ...more »

Learning resources

  • Fred_smith_featured
  • Year 10: Dust of Uruzgan - Resources about Fred Smith's experiences of the Australian Peacekeeping Force...more »
  • football-children-play
  • Years 3-6 'Football Fever' cross curriculum resource...more »

  • Go Korea_370x247
  • Go Korea! learning sequence: 'The Korean War: An Artist's View'...more »
  • Go Korea_370x247
  • Go Korea! learning sequence: 'Who's Wearing What?'...more »
  • Go Korea_370x247
  • Go Korea! learning sequence: 'Multimedia art'...more »

AEF acknowledges that some elements in the websites above do not comply with conformance level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2.0. The elements have been included because of the significant value they offer to members of the education community. Some features may not be accessed via mobile devices.


Images: Curated digital resource icon by AEF; Japan (orthographic projection), ‪‪‪‬‬‬WikimediaChinese New Year fireworks in Hong Kong in 2012 by hilighters (CC BY 2.0)The most sensational, celebrational...Bunraku puppets at National Bunraku Theatre, Osaka, Japan by brickski ‪ ‬(CC BY 2.0);  Shadows of the Empire by The StarWayang Kulit puppets by flydime (CC BY 2.0); Image: Angklung angklung by Kamillo ‪‪‬(CC BY-SA 3.0);  Bhangra at Global Institutes, Amrtisar by Global Institutes (CC BY-SA 3.0)Japanese Teenagers by Francisco Diez (CC BY 2.0); Hahoe Pyolsin-kut image: Adam Nicholson; Gangnam_style_PSY_21logo – ‪‪‪‬‬‬‬‬‬(CC BY-SA 2.0); Angkor Wat images: Lynn Dennison; Kosuke Ikeda and Alicia King image from Shifters – Alicia King – ‪‬‬‬‬‬‬Vimeo Standard Licence; Robyn Beeche composite image by Damien Dunstan, Background image by Robyn BeecheAi Weiwei – oceanaris ‪‪‪‬‬(CC BY 2.0); Intersections of Identity image by AEF; A Traditional Malaysian Shadow Puppet Show by Dinictis (Dreamstime)

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