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What resources support teaching about Asia?

Resource lists

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View curated digital resources that gather together Asia-related web links relevant to year-level content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.

Learning sequences

Access a range of Mathematics learning sequences for use in the classroom.

  • A collection of materials used to demonstrate counting to children including blocks and popsicle sticks
  • Foundation: Collections – comparing and ordering...more »
  • abacus
  • Foundation: Let us count how many...more »
  • numbers
  • Foundation: Numbers and counting...more »
  • dice
  • Year 2: Always, sometimes, never...more »
  • measure
  • Year 5: Measurement – past and present...more »
  • pyramid
  • Year 6: Prisms and pyramids ...more »
  • data
  • Year 9: Data representation and interpretation...more »
  • population
  • Year 10: Population mathematics...more »

Learning resources

  • football-children-play
  • Years 3-6 'Football Fever' cross curriculum resource...more »


Images: Curated digital resource icon by AEF; All Foundation images and Year 1 Counting Games by AEF; Hui man.jpg by Wlodek Cieciura (CC BY-SA 2.5)

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