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Global Goals Youth Forum

The Global Goals Youth Forum is a full-day program for Year 8 - 10 students, designed to deepen their understanding of global issues and develop their global competencies.

The UN Global Goals were adopted on September 25th 2015 by world leaders gathered at a special United Nations summit. The goals include an end to all forms of poverty, inequality and solutions to tackle climate change. The Global Goals Youth Forum seeks to acknowledge the role of young Australians in taking action to solve the global issues of our time. 

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Distinguished experts will share their knowledge of global issues that impact on the local community, and highly-skilled facilitators will guide collaboration between students as they develop innovative solutions to these issues through structured design thinking. Each group will then be invited to pitch their ‘big idea’ to realise one of the UN Global Goals which will also be collated and shared in a report of key outcomes.

Student learning outcomes

As a result of participation students will:

  • develop deeper awareness and understanding of the UN Global Goals;
  • build global competencies such as knowledge of global issues; intercultural understanding and critical and creative thinking
  • appreciate and understand what it means to be an active local and global citizen; and
  • understand the connections between what they learn in class and future education and career pathways 
Contact us for more information and to express interest in holding a forum at your school or with your network of schools


Image: The Global Goals by The Global Goals

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