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National Action Plan

A National Action Plan for Asia Literacy in Schools would provide all young Australians with a realistic opportunity to gain Asia knowledge, skills and understandings.

An Action Plan would involve education jurisdictions and authorities, schools, teacher education, parents, business and the broader community.

It would identify clear goals, set measurable targets, allocate adequate resources and report on national student progress in both studies of Asia across the curriculum and Asian languages.

An Asia Literacy National Plan would set strategies to ensure provision of:

  1. An Australian Curriculum with clear Asia literacy guidelines and formal reporting on student progress in attaining knowledge, skills and understandings related to Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia at each level of schooling.
  2. Asia prepared school leaders equipped to lead Asia literacy in their schools through access to professional learning, networks and programs that provide knowledge, tools and resources to best enable schools to achieve Asia literacy for all their students.
  3. Asia prepared teachers equipped to implement the Australian Curriculum through pre-service training and ongoing professional learning that provides teachers with access to new content knowledge related to Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia.
  4. Asia focused classroom resources that support students, teachers and schools to link to their peers in Asia, embed Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia in classroom curriculum, and build up Asian languages programs.
  5. Creative solutions to the complex issues that have historically impeded the capacity of Australian education to deliver sustainable language education programs.
  6. Increased student, parent and community demand for Asia skills through building awareness of the national significance of the growth of Asia and partnering business, industry and community with schools. 

The Call for a National Action Plan for Asia Literacy in Schools was an initiative of the AEF Advisory Board.

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