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What Works 2: Leading school change

Leading school change to support the development of Asia-relevant capabilities explores how schools in Australia can best lead meaningful and sustainable change to support the development of Asia-relevant capabilities among students and broader school community. This change could relate to curriculum, pedagogy and/or the whole school. This part of the What Works series uses an analytical framework on leading school change that was adapted from Fullan, Cuttress and Kilcher (2005).

Key findings

  • Having a moral purpose for building Asia literacy effects deep and sustainable change in schools
  • Leaders who provide inspirational motivation are able to enact deep and sustainable change
  • Research and evidence-informed practice allows leaders to select the most effective curriculum and pedagogic approaches
  • Teacher-leaders can effect change through a distributed leadership model and a professional culture that prioritises student learning
  • Sustainable leadership builds Asia literacy from what has happened in the past and connects this to a vision of the future.

The research addresses the need to change in schools as Asia learning increasingly becomes an essential part of school education in Australia.


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