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What Works 7: Study programmes to Asia

Study programmes to Asia explores the potential of in-country study programmes to generate personal and professional change among programme participants. It addresses the need to better understand how best to design in-country study programmes for maximum impact. Using participants from AEF Study Programmes to Asia as illustrative cases, the research found that such programmes—when designed with transformational and experiential learning in mind—enabled the following transformations to occur:

  • Heightened cultural knowledge, leading to curriculum and pedagogic changes at the school level
  • Sustained commitment to engage personally and professionally with Asia
  • Sustained engagement with people overseas and a commitment to build transnational learning communities.

Particular aspects of AEF Study Programmes to Asia have brought about these transformations, most notably:

  • Sound combination of formal (information-based) learning and cultural immersion activities
  • School visits
  • Professional networking and reflection.


Image: What Works 7 cover image adapted from 'Blue Marble: Land Surface, Shallow Water, and Shated Topography', NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 2002

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