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Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia

In the Australian Curriculum: Languages, Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia enables the development of rich and engaging content and contexts for developing students’ capabilities to engage with the languages and cultures of Asia and of people of Asian heritage within Australia.

The Australian Curriculum: Languages enables students to learn the languages of the Asian region, learning to communicate and interact in interculturally appropriate ways, exploring concepts, experiences and perspectives from within and across Asian cultures.

In the languages learning area, students develop an appreciation for the place of Australia within the Asian region, including the interconnections of languages and cultures, peoples and communities, histories and economies. Students learn how Australia is situated within the Asian region, how our national linguistic and cultural identity is continuously evolving both locally, regionally and within an international context.

From the Australian Curriculum: Languages- cross curriculum priorities

Illustrations of practice

Explore how the development of Asia capabilities occupies a prominent place in Dickson College’s (ACT) strategic planning documents.

Dickson college logo
Dickson College (ACT)

Find out how Princes Street Primary School (TAS) introduced a Japanese language program, seeing language studies as a vehicle to implement Studies of Asia across the school.

Princess street logo
Princes Street Primary School (TAS)


Images: Dickson College logo – Dickson College, Princes Street Primary School logo – Princes Street Primary School

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