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Using Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Learning languages is enhanced through the use of multimodal resources, digital environments and technologies in the target language. Accessing live target language environments and texts via digital media contributes to the development of information technology capabilities as well as linguistic and cultural knowledge. Accessing different real-time contexts extends the boundaries of the classroom.

From the Australian Curriculum - General Capabilities

There are an infinite number ICT platforms, resources and apps that can be used to support and enhance the learning of languages:

The Australian Curriculum ICT Organising elements
ICT Tools for language learning
Communicate with Asia


  • Wechat: Connect with friends across platforms in a walkie-talkie format
  • Weibo: Popular microblogging website, similar to Twitter or Facebook
  • RenRen: Social networking site very close to Facebook


  • Yahoo Messenger: Connect with friends from any web browser, no download required
  • WhatsApp: Allows for mobile messaging without SMS fees, available on most smartphones
  • Classting: Allows teachers to communicate with students in their classes
  • Oovoo: Free video chat, can communicate with up to 12 people at one time 

South Korea

  • Kakao Talk: Chat one-on-one, or with an unlimited number of friends worldwide for free
Create with Asia
Managing and operating ICTs for Asia
Social and ethical protocols and practices

Illustrations of practice

  • Individualising student learning -  Video of St Patrick's College (VIC) head of languages discussing how she has led colleagues to identify and select appropriate teaching strategies to foster students’ achievements in learning languages and cultures, in particular through the innovative use of ICT.


    • How has this teacher led her colleagues to adopt innovative use of ICT?
    • Which of these ICT tools and strategies could you use to improve language learning outcomes?
  • Video of Doncaster Gardens Primary School (VIC) where a 1-to-1 iPad Chinese program has been introduced at Years 5-6. 



  • How has the use of iPads enhanced student engagement? 
  • What resources and support would you require to introduce a similar programme in your school?

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