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Intercultural understanding

The Australian Curriculum identifies intercultural understanding as a general capability that all students should develop. It aims to enhance skills in three areas:

  • recognising culture and developing respect
  • interacting and empathising with others
  • reflecting on intercultural experiences and taking responsibility.

The development of intercultural understanding is a central aim of learning languages, as it enables students to communicate cross-culturally and develop global citizenship skills. Students’ preconceptions, shaped by their existing language(s) culture(s) can be challenged by the new language experience. Learning to move between languages and cultures is integral to language learning and is the key to the development of students’ intercultural capability.

Adapted from Australian Curriculum: Languages general capabilities

The Intercultural understanding toolkit supports how to improve capacity for intercultural understanding, how it is addressed across all learning areas and examples of activities that can be used in schools.


Illustrations of practice


Consider how the theory of intercultural language learning (IcLL) can influence practice across classrooms and schools.

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