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School partnerships

School partnerships provide many language learning opportunities for students, including:

  • facilitating personal experiences to connect with peers in Asia which motivate students and develops language skills
  • building intercultural understanding among teachers and students in Australia and Asia
  • enhancing digital capabilities among participating teachers and students
  • supporting high quality Asian Languages programs in Australian schools.

The Australia–Asia BRIDGE School Partnerships Project connects Australian teachers, students and school communities with their peers in a unique School partnership program.

Sister School Guides assist Australian schools teaching Asian Languages to establish partnerships with schools in Asia:

Illustration of practice


Video of BRIDGE school partnerships supporting secondary school language learning.


  • What effects did the school partnerships have on language learning motivation for students and teachers?
  • What were some of the language learning outcomes from the school partnerships for schools, students and teachers?

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School partnerships toolkit

Connect with peers in Asia and build ongoing relationships that enhance student learning...more »


Global collaboration toolkit

Design, implement and manage collaborations to connect students with peers in Asia...more »

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