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Content-based and bilingual programs

In content-based programs and bilingual programs knowledge of learning areas such as History, Science or Mathematics is taught and learnt through the target language. Students develop both content and language knowledge depending on the particular purpose, nature and conditions of the program.

Adapted from the Australian Curriculum. 

Illustrations of practice 

Explore the Language Learning Space module CLIL: A toe in the water for Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) definitions, professional reading and examples of what CLIL can look like in practice.


Chinese Indonesian Japanese
Explore the Perth CLIL Hub Visit to Oberthur Primary School  where educators recorded observations of a Chinese CLIL program.

At Scott’s Head Public School (NSW) the composite Foundation/Year 1/Year 2 Indonesian bilingual class learn Indonesian by immersion for one and half hours every school day, through integrated studies; Mathematics, Science and Music.

Find out more aboutBilingualism at Scotts Head Public School.

Read how Wellers Hill State School organises and staffs its Japanese bilingual program. View the school’s Year 1 Bilingual curriculum overview.


Chinese Indonesian Japanese

Discover how Auburn High School ’s Chinese bilingual program offers immersion in Science and Humanities: 50 percent of classes are taught in Chinese.

Access a CLIL Module for Indonesian – an introduction to Gamelan Year 8.

Explore the CLIL Case Study - Xavier College (VIC): Geography through Japanese Year 10 inquiry learning unit.

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