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What is an Asia-focused History curriculum?

The Australian Curriculum for History provides opportunities for students to learn explicit content about Asia.

Students learn about the importance of the traditions, beliefs and celebrations of peoples from the Asia region and through the study of ancient societies, trade, conflicts, progressive movements and migration to Australia by people from Asia.
From Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia in the Australian Curriculum: History.

Learning opportunities

The Australian Curriculum for History provides young Australians with the opportunity to learn about:

Family life across the countries of Asia
Religious festivals such as Ramadan and Buddha Day
Celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Moon Festival Trade between Macassans and the Yolgnu people
Reasons why Chinese migrated to Australia Vietnam War
Ancient India 60,000 BC (BCE) – c.650 AD (CE) Ancient China 60,000 BC (BCE)– c.650 AD (CE)
Angkor/Khmer Empire c.802 – c.1431 Japan under the Shoguns c.794 – c.687
Mongol Expansion c.1206 – c.1368 Asia and the Modern World 1750 – 1918
Modern World and Australia 1918 – present


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