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What professional learning builds Asia capability?


The secondary English curriculum toolkit provides opportunities to teach about Asia (Years 7–10) and includes information and resources to support you in implementing an Asia capable English curriculum.

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  • Asia in the secondary English curriculum toolkit...more »

Professional learning modules

Access these primary and secondary English modules to build your Asia capabilities. They include different Asian themes aligned to the Australian Curriculum for English and History.

  • Two women work together at the AEF conference
  • Equipping yourself to teach about Asia...more »
  • loong_1970_d_ohoy3
  • Years 5-6: Integrated English and History ...more »
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  • Years 7-8: Stories that change lives ...more »
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  • Years 9-10: Understanding China through literature ...more »


Images: Collaborating, AEF; Loong 1970. Dennis O'Hoy collection;  Japanese samurai - hand-coloured albumen, c 1890, public domain; Illustration by Barroux, from The Red Piano by Andre LeBlanc. Courtesy of Wilkins Farago Publishers – Part 1

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