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What resources support Vietnamese language teaching?

Resource lists

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View curated digital resources that gather together Asia-related web links relevant to year-level content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum: Languages – Vietnamese.

Learning sequences

Content from other learning areas can be used to support Vietnamese language learning.

  • Rice Field small
  • Years 5–6: Sustainable farming in South and South-East Asia...more »
  • Two people hold hands
  • Year 6: We come to Australia...more »
  • Boat on river
  • Year 7: Why Dam the Mekong River?...more »
  • Alison Carole explores a museum
  • Years 7-10: A journey through Asian art...more »

How is the Australian Curriculum: Languages – Vietnamese structured?

A key dimension of the Australian Curriculum: Languages – Vietnamese involves understanding the interrelationship between language and culture. The curriculum is designed with an intercultural language-learning orientation to enable students to participate meaningfully in language and cultural experiences, to develop new ways of seeing and being in the world from a bilingual perspective, and to understand more about themselves in the process.

The Australian Curriculum: Languages – Vietnamese is pitched to background language learners, the dominant cohort of learners of Vietnamese in the Australian context. The curriculum has been developed according to two main learning sequences for these learners:

From the Australian Curriculum F–10 Languages: Vietnamese



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