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What resources support Chinese language teaching?

Resource lists

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View curated digital resources that gather together Asia-related web links relevant to year-level content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum: Languages – Chinese.

Chinese language learning sequences

  • Cast on set
  • Years F–2: Celebrations, Holidays and Festivals...more »
  • My Daily Routine activity screenshot teaches children how to say ''I got to school at 9am'' in Chinese
  • Years 3-4: My daily routine ...more »
  • 170x120 Shopping
  • Years 5-6: Shopping in China...more »
  • Space explorers2
  • Chinese online: Scenarios and space voyage games for years 5 to 8...more »
  • Screenshot of an anime cartoon of a young boy and girl talking together
  • Year 9: Travelling the globe...more »

How is the Australian Curriculum: Languages – Chinese structured?

Chinese is recognised as an important language for young Australians to learn as Australia progresses towards a future of increased trade and engagement with Asia. Chinese has always been taught as an additional language in Australia, but schools are now catering to increasingly varied cohorts of Chinese language learners, including overseas-born Chinese speakers.

Three pathways have been developed for Chinese, to cater to the three main cohorts of learners of Chinese in Australian schools:

  • The First Language Learner Pathway caters for students who have had their primary socialisation as well as initial literacy development and primary schooling in Chinese, and who use Chinese at home.

From the Australian Curriculum F–10 Languages: Chinese, Context statement.

Illustrations of practice


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