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What resources support Indonesian language teaching?

Resource lists

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View curated digital resources that gather together Asia-related web links relevant to year-level content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum: Languages – Indonesian.

Indonesian language learning resources

  • Man takes away garbage from a street
  • Years 5-6: Reduce reuse recycle compost ...more »
  • An Ayana chef in Indonesia
  • Years 7-8: Exploring MasterChef Indonesia ...more »

How is the Australian Curriculum: Languages – Indonesian structured?

For students learning Indonesian for the first time in a school language programme, a key feature of learning the language is understanding the cultural dimension that shapes and is shaped by the language. The curriculum is designed with an intercultural language learning orientation to enable students to participate in intercultural experiences, develop new ways of perceiving and being in the world, and understand themselves in the process.

The Australian Curriculum: Languages for Indonesian is pitched for the majority of the cohort of learners of Indonesian for whom Indonesian is an additional language (referred to in the Australian Curriculum as second language learners).

The curriculum has been developed according to two main learning sequences for these learners:

From the Australian Curriculum F–10 Languages: Indonesian.

Illustrations of practice

  • Watch a video of an Indonesian teacher at Heathmont Secondary College (VIC) developing intercultural understanding in the classroom, whole school, between schools and internationally.
  • Watch a video of a teacher at Lansdowne Primary School (TAS) using student experts to plan and communicate with students in Indonesia.

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