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Doncaster Gardens Primary School VIC

Sector: Government
School level: Primary
Partner school: Fang Cao Di International School, Beijing, China
Key learning areas and year levels: Chinese, ICT, performing arts

Intercultural understanding is a core part of Doncaster Gardens Primary School's (DGPS's) strategic plan and annual implementation plan, and the entire school community plays an active role in its China BRIDGE school partnership with Fang Cao Di International School in China.

The most significant impact of our BRIDGE school partnership has been the attitudes of teachers, students and the school community. It has evolved into a very positive, supportive and encouraging learning and sharing environment.

–Kerry Law, Chinese teacher, Doncaster Gardens Primary School

Parents also have the opportunity to expand their intercultural understanding and language skills by attending a Chinese Community Club for non-Asian parents, an Asian parents' morning tea, or by getting involved in the DGPS Cultural Celebration Week. Since 2012, Year 6 students have travelled to China to attend the annual Beijing International Students Summer Camp. There, they meet with peers from Fang Cao Di International School, collaborating on a scientific robotic programme.


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