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Bonnyrigg High School Visit

Maria Ellis, Teacher at Bonnyrigg High School invited two AEF Asia Literacy Ambassadors to help her Year 10 students realise the importance and benefits of studying Asian languages.

In July 2015, Andrew Blackie, International Studies and Law student at UNSW and Ruby Chen, Product Development and Commercialisation specialist from ANZ, visited the school and shared their language learning experiences from school, university and work, with students.

Andrew and Ruby explained why and how they are engaging with Asia in their life and career, providing examples of incentives students could relate to, such as extensive opportunities to travel.

They also spoke in their respective second languages (Chinese for Andrew and Japanese for Ruby) to demonstrate how developing fluency in a foreign language is achievable for Australian students, and to encourage students to pursue their language studies.

‘Both the ambassadors did a great job. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to any schools,’ commented Maria.

Ruby Chen at Bonnyrigg High School

Andrew Blackie at Bonnyrigg High School

Andrew and Ruby at Bonnyrigg High School

Photo credit: Bonnyrigg High School

Note: AEF Go Global Programs refer to the suite of student engagement initiatives that include the program formally known as School Business Partnerships. Asia Literacy Ambassadors, as a result, are now referred to as Go Global Ambassadors

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