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Monivae College VIC

Sector: Catholic
School level: Secondary
Partner school: Kusuma Bangsa, Palembang, Indonesia
Key learning areas and year levels: All levels, languages

Annual Australia–Indonesia BRIDGE School Partnerships exchanges have become an integral part of student life at Monivae College. The relationship between Monivae College and its Indonesian BRIDGE partner school, Kusuma Bangsa, centres on improving language skills and intercultural understanding.

Students at both schools maintain their partnership throughout the year by participating in Skype sessions and writing letters to each other. Parents host students in a radius of up to 80 kilometres and the local newspaper and school newsletter reports on the activities undertaken by Monivae College and Kusuma Bangsa.

Teachers such as Jess Turton have reported a significant improvement in language skills as a result of the BRIDGE partnership.


Image: AEF

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