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Professional Learning

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Tranby College WA

Sector: Independent
School level: F–12
Partner school: SMAN5 Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Key learning areas and year levels: Years 7–12 Indonesian language; Year 9 Geography

The entire Tranby College community is involved in an annual exchange with Indonesian school SMAN5. The exchange programme began in 2010 and has become embedded into the school's curriculum. There is collaboration between different learning areas within the college on a variety of topics.

With a focus on language development and mutual cultural respect, SMAN5 students perform and have lunch at a Perth church for the disabled. A graduate volunteer project has also been set up in Surabaya, with past students of Tranby College giving talks on the impact that the Australia–Indonesia BRIDGE School Partnerships Programme and learning Indonesian has had on their lives.

Tranby College teacher Vicki Richardson reported that the use of ICT in the classroom has helped her to develop professionally and has had a 'huge impact' on her pedagogy.


Image: AEF

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