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Kormilda College NT

Sector: Government
School level: Secondary
Partner school: SMA Negeri 15 Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Sustainability is a defining feature of Kormilda College's Indonesia BRIDGE school partnership. Its partner school, SMAN 15 Surabaya, has visited Kormilda College every year since 2011 and this is expected to continue indefinitely. Kormilda College students and staff also travel to Indonesia.

There is a strong support network behind the partnership, with parents hosting Indonesian students and Kormilda staff members providing support where needed. The Indonesian Consulate hosts a welcome function for the visiting Indonesians each year and provides support through conversation classes, presentations and inclusion in Indonesia-related events. It also supports the annual Kormilda College Celebration of Languages Evening.

SMAN 15 reported a rise in opportunities to develop English speaking skills and learn about Australian culture. Meanwhile, Kormilda College noted increased student engagement with Indonesian language and culture and greater incorporation of the Australian Curriculum cross-curriculum priority of Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia across the school's curriculum.


Image: AEF

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