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St Paul's School QLD

Sector: Independent
School level: F–12
Partner school: Dongfangdecai School, Beijing, China
Key learning areas and year levels: Middle schooling

St Paul's School has embraced the use of Skype, email and Wechat to develop students' and teachers' Chinese language skills.

St Paul's and its China BRIDGE partner, Dongfangdecai School in Beijing, have been communicating via Skype since April 2013. In 2014, the schools set up a student email exchange using different focuses for each term, such as self-introduction, hobbies and endangered animals.

St Paul's reported that providing students with class time to write emails to their Chinese peers has piqued their interest in building on the Chinese language skills learned in class. The school is also considering making a video about their life at St Paul's to send to Dongfandecai students.


Image: AEF

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